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I am a Hoosier. That is, I was born in Indiana and most of my childhood was lived in that midwestern state. Later on, I became an adult while living in Arizona, where I learned to love the desert and Mexican food! Even though those are not the only states I have lived in, they hold my fondest memories, and are the basis for my name, Indizona. I have enjoyed selling under the name Indizona since 2004.

Good Customer Service is of utmost importance to me. I strive to maintain a high level of customer service, starting with honesty in my listings. My goal is to satisfy you with a good buy and great service! I look forward to serving you today and many more times in the future.

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An Interview With Soap Lady Janet Quackenbush of Handmaiden Store Talks About Her Natural Homemade Soaps

Indizona for Graphics and More
My sister-in-law, Janet, is a busy homeschool mom and runs her own business from her home.  I don't want to spoil the interview for you, but if you like natural, real soap, hand crafted by somebody you can trust, then you will enjoy the following conversation:

Me:  How long have you been making soaps?
Janet:  For about a decade.

Me:  And what got you started with making soaps?  (or How did you get started?)
Janet:  Would you believe the smell of your brother? Actually, my skin was so dry and friends had brought in some soap made by Mennonite women. I thought cool you can make your own soap. So I researched the process and walla.

Me:  So how long was it after you started making your own soap that you decided to...  Read More

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Taking Care of Dry Clean Only on a Machine Wash Budget

Indizona for Graphics and More
I used to avoid buying anything that said "Dry Clean Only" on the label.  My budget just will not stretch far enough to pay for dry cleaning every time I want to wear something, so it was best to just avoid buying those things.

But I have learned that most of the things labeled Dry Clean Only can actually be washed either by hand or in the washer.  First thing is to know the fiber content and know if that fiber is safe to wash.  Then understand the characteristics of the fiber content and you will know why it's labeled Dry Clean Only. 

Is it 100% cotton?  Well, we all know that cotton is washable, so it was probably not preshrunk, which means you will want to wash it in cold water and hang it to dry and keep it far far away from the dryer. 

...  Read More

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How To Get Photos and Screen Shots Posted In Your Addoway Blog... Complete With Screen Shots

Indizona for Graphics and More
When you write a blog on Addoway, you may want to include photos to go with what you are writing about.  It isn't hard to do and once you know how you will be able to just breeze through the process.

First, you need to have your photos or other images hosted on an image hosting site such as Photobucket.  I mention Photobucket because I think it's the most common one.  It is the one I am most familiar with, so I will make screen shots based on using Photobucket.

Just in case you have never used Photobucket before, I am including these screen shots combined in one image with instructions to show you how to upload images to Photobucket.

...  Read More

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